Owned by Her Majesty The Queen, in 2013 the horse Estimate became the first King or Queen owned horse to win the Ascot Gold Cup. He was popular with the punters too, most of the crowd had backed him in to becoming the 7/2 favourite for the race. So the only people that weren’t celebrating Estimate’s win were the bookies!

Here’s a replay of the race, the commentary has been described as one of the best ever in live horse racing. It was obvious that fans, media and commentators alike couldn’t hide their delight at Estimate’s win.

Some of our team were actually present on the day of the race, and although they have fond memories of the occasion, their bets didn’t come out quite as well. It seems we have the only three people in the entire crowd who didn’t bet on Estimate to win!

Never mind, the race was still great fun to watch and the Queen’s reaction made it worthwhile.

And 3 years after the race, Ryan Moore relived the event on the Queen’s 90th birthday.