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Welcome to the site. Inspired by the beautiful and popular former dressage champion Sambertino, now available for stud at Flax Lion. Originally created as a profile of Sambertino only, the site has now evolved into a tribute to Sabertino, his stablemates, and other famous horses that we personally love. We are open to suggestions of other horses that you would like to see featured, and you can also contribute your own articles by contacting the webmaster. We feature horses from all disciplines, including racing, showjumping and dressage. Read this page to find out more about what the Sambertino website is all about.

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Our very own Sambertino, the jewel in the Flax Lion stud and the horse that gives his name to this website. Sambertino is a dressage specialist who arrived in the UK in 1999, and now continues his career in Germany. Sambertino is currently the only coloured dressage stallion standing in the UK who has passed a 100 day performance test. Here you can watch some video footage of the horse in action. We also list his performance achievements and that of his progeny.

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Owned by Her Majesty The Queen, in 2013 the horse Estimate became the first King or Queen owned horse to win the Ascot Gold Cup. He was popular with the punters too, most of the crowd had backed him in to becoming the 7/2 favourite for the race. So the only people that weren’t celebrating Estimate’s win were Ascot’s bookies who took a bit of a hit that day!

Watch a replay of the race and check out the commentary, it’s superb.

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Samaii was licensed as a Premium Stallion at the 2007 ZfDP licensing – he was one of only 2 stallions to receive this award and the only coloured.

A translation of the write up on the Stallion Licensing from the ZfdP Magazine says “an exceptionally beautiful and well put together stallion with lots of stallion presence and harmony in his conformation, wonderful side picture and first class movement. His jumping was very good considering his non jumping oriented motherline.”

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A stablemate of Sambertino and a fantastic horse in his own right. Wilkens combines above-average rideability with three fantastic basic gaits: a light-footed trot, an uphill canter and an excellent walk. He has recently succesfully completed his 70 day test.

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Denman is believed by many to be the best steeplechaser of the modern era. His memorable win in the 2007 Hennessy Gold Cup lives long in the memory. And of course who could forget the majestic 2008 Gold Cup win at the Cheltenham Festival had bookmakers flapping after suffering heavy losses in the betting markets as Denman supporting punters piled in to back their favourite. Denman’s comeback after his subsequent heart operation showed the bravery and character that few other horses in history have been able to match. A true punter’s and fan’s favourite.

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Kauto Star

Kauto Star is widely recognised as one of the best steeple chasers of the modern era. His intense rivarly with Denman was one of the features of jumps racing in the late 2000s. His incredible achievements have lead some to call him the best racehorse of his generation. Watch these videos and relive some of the highlights of Kauto’s incredible career…

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Don Ricoss

Don Ricoss is a modern young dressage stallion, equipped with three first-class paces and an outstanding character & attitude to work. He was Champion of the 30 day test at Neustadt- Dosse with a dressage index of 8.84 He has had an excellent competition career to date, being Vice Champion 3yr old Hanoverian Stallion at Verden & also qualifying for the Bundeschampionat as a 3, 4 and 5-year-old. In 2007 he was nominated for the World Championships.

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Many of the foals sired by Sambertino were champions in the field of dressage. Wilkens in particular excelled in this field. Sambertino himself possesses many of the qualities…

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