July 28, 2016


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July 28, 2016


A people's favourite who forged an incredible and exciting rivalry with Kauto Star.
July 28, 2016

Kauto Star

One of the best steeple chasers of the modern era.
July 26, 2016


Prior to arriving in the UK in '99 Sambertino spent 3 seasons at the Gebr v Manen stud in Holland where he sired over 100 KWPN registered foals. He was also a Pavo Cup finalist in Holland as a 4 and
July 24, 2016


Many of the foals sired by Sambertino were champions in the field of dressage.
July 20, 2016


Wilkens was awarded Premium at his stallion licensing in Verden in 2006 & was one of the auction highlights selling for the third highest price. He spent 2007 breeding in Denmark where he also licensed